Gateway Biotechnology, Inc.

Founding Story

Gateway stems from a collaboration between doctors at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL). After screening FDA-approved drugs in 2006 and discovering a family of drugs that can be used against hearing loss, Drs. Bao, Chole, and Perez formed Gateway Biotechnology, Inc. in 2011 in order to help transition their preclinical findings into applications and treatments.

Gateway develops treatments for hearing disorders by identifying and re-purposing promising drug candidates. By working with academic laboratories, governmental research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies, we can validate the safety, efficacy, and quality of our product lines.

Leadership Team

Jianxin Bao, Ph.D

Co-founder, President

Dr. Bao has studied hearing disorders extensively at Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Florida, and WUSTL. His excellence has been recognized by the National Institute on Aging and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Experience working with both clinicians and researchers at academic and industrial institutions allows him to effectively direct the company.

Richard A. Chole, M.D., Ph.D.


Dr. Chole is a well-known clinician with a specialty in neurotology and has let multiple research projects at WUSTL. He carried out some of the first studies of age-related hearing loss in animal models and has conducted several clinical trials in the field of hearing disorders. He also has direct experience with conducting clinical studies.

Philip Perez, M.D.


Dr. Perez studied at Harvard University and the medical school at WUSTL. He was involved in the first drug re-purposing studies to fight hearing loss and is currently practicing medicine at the University of California in San Francisco.

Ronald Bassuner, Ph.D., D. Sc.

Director of Business Development

Dr. Bassuner has expertise in biotechnology, project management, and commercialization. His academic career at the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Germany and his experience with biotechnology companies across the globe allows him to effectively direct business activities for the company. He helps translate innovative scientific principles into economically-feasible products and allows the company to achieve deliverables on time, in quality, and within budget.